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About us

Years ago we started working on an idea. Many people told us that we were crazy, that the market was already filled with nutritional, sports and wellness supplementation companies and they tried to dissuade us, but we did not want to give up on our idea of ​​doing something different. We did not want to make supplements/complements with low quality ingredients to obtain greater or greater benefits, include as many ingredients as possible (even if they are unnecessary) to simply be able to fill out the label, put the trendy ingredient(s) of the moment just because it is fashionable and not because it has any beneficial effect,...we wanted to make nutritional supplements/complements that really had meaning and were effective, making it clear what each product is for, how and when to take it and that, ultimately, the consumer could perceive it, and all this ALWAYS backed by scientific evidence. By going against the current, we knew that this would require a much greater effort, and despite the obstacles that we were going to encounter, we wanted to continue with our project. Today, we are proud to be able to say that we have a supplementation brand that we TRULY BELIEVE in, with complete, meaningful and HIGHEST QUALITY products. We are going little by little, but with good writing. Our intention is that you can improve 3 aspects simultaneously: performance, physical well-being and health.



Doctor of Medicine, Graduate in Medicine and Graduate in Pharmacy from the University of Valencia. He has based his studies mainly in the field of anti-aging, obesity prevention and health promotion.



Doctor of Medicine, Master in Sports Physiology and Bachelor of Medicine. His knowledge in the world of sports supported by more than 300 scientific publications currently accredits him as one of the best sports physiologists in the world. He currently works at Stanford University (California, USA) and until 2023, head of the medical service of the EOLO-KOMETA cycling team.


International Doctor in Physiology (Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia) , Master in Sports Physiology, Graduate in CC. Physical activity and Sports (Autonomous University of Madrid). He is currently a professor and researcher in the Department of Physical Education, Sports and Human Motricity of the Autonomous University of Madrid and is a regular collaborator in numerous postgraduate programs at a national and international level, among which the Master in Training and Sports Nutrition (Royal School) stands out. Madrid – European University) and the Master in Sports Physiotherapy (Real Madrid School – European University).


Doctor in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (University of León) , she has been Deputy Director General of Women and Sports (Ministry of Culture and Sports) from 2018 to 2020. In these She is currently a Full Professor at the University of Zaragoza and belongs to the GENUD ( Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development ) research group, acquiring national and international recognition in recent years in the field of physical activity and health, aging, as well as in physiological responses and adaptations to physical exercise.